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The Aegea Resort is situated in the North-East region of the island which is characterized by unspoiled nature and offers unique paths for hiking as well as excursions by car and boat. The land and wild-life of Aegea and Zorgos is designated as a preserved park by the Hellenic State.

Aphrodite’s baths (40 minutes each way)

A path of approximately 2 Km by the river leads to a natural river basin where, according to tradition, the goddess Aphrodite took her bath. It is a unique biotope of great beauty with fresh-water crabs, turtles, and other species. It is an excellent bird-watching spot and at specific periods in the summer is ideal for eel-fishing.

Twin holes (40 minutes each way)

This path of approximately 2.5 Km begins from the entrance of Aegea Resort and passes along the upper ridge of the hill and leading through a long cave of about 60 m to two large holes opening on the sheer cliff-face 30 m above the sea and looking out towards the Aegean

Microgiali bay (60 minutes each way)

Close to the end of the path to the twin holes is a turning towards a proto-Cycladic settlement and the bay of Microgiali, a small isolated sandy beach protected from the North end by the Kambano prominence. By virtue of its position,Microgiali beach is enjoyed almost exclusively by the residents of Aegea. It provides excellent fishing and spear-fishing.

Old water mills (60 minutes each way)

A shady riverside pathway of about 1.5 Km under a canopy of chestnut trees takes you to a village of 14 deserted water-mills from the last century. In addition to the spectacular natural and man-made waterfalls, one can admire the mechanics of the water-mills themselves. Recently, access to this site was facilitated so that it is now accessible even to small children. It is a highly recommended visit.


 Sea cave

At about half-mile along the coast from Aegea beach is a large sea cave that is formed by a fault in the sheer rock face and can be entered by boat. The depths of the water are blue-mauve because of the numerous shellfish and cold fresh water drips from the ceiling.  The surrounding area is a shelter for migratory birds.

Porto Koundouros

Navigating South for about a mile from the sea cave and passing sheer high rock-faces one comes upon a small opening which leads into a small protected natural port between the rocks with the remains of an ancient settlement. By virtue of its natural shape and narrow entrance, this is a paradise for net fishing even for beginners.

Microgiali Bay

Navigating North for about a mile from Aegea beach one comes across a small, breathtakingly beautiful sandy beachwith a proto-Cycladic settlement, Microgiali bay. This is one of the best places for spear-fishing amongst the numerous submerged sea rocks and cliffs. By virtue of its position, Microgiali beach is enjoyed almost exclusively by the residents of Aegea.


About 1.5 miles out to sea due East from Aegea beach lies a reef of 2 Km long in the blue waters. Here gather multitudes of fish that can be caught even without bait. The site of this reef is a closely kept secret by the locals and visitors are taken there in confidence.

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