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The Beaches of Andros: An overview Part I.

Beaches of Andros

The island of Andros has a coastline of 176 kilometres and something for the sea lovers visiting the island. We won’t keep you waiting; just fetch your swimwear and let’s take a long trip around the beaches of the island of Andros in the Aegean Sea! In the first part of the Andros beaches overview, we are marking the beaches to be if you like the organized way of beach life and looking for water sports along with a tip for Andros’s probably most famous beach.

Beaches of Andros

Beaches of Andros

Beaches of Andros close to Chora: The nearest to the Chora of Andros is the beach of Nimporio, a long sandy beach with relatively shallow waters, an ideal choice for families. Other beaches close to Chora are Paraporti and Sineti.

Organized beaches of Andros: For those enjoying lying at sun loungers and ordering cocktails from the beach bars then the beaches of Gaurio, Chrisi Ammos, Batsi and Korthi are their beaches to be. They are all sandy, Korthi though has some pebbles, and are located at the east side of the island.

Beaches of Andros for water sports: Windsurfers prefer the beach of Mylos, due to the constant winds, where people loving having fun to the sea with water sports like jet ski, parasailing and more are choosing the beach of Batsi.

A beach protected from the winds. The beach of Apothikes, where you will find sun loungers and as well as free parts, is your beach to be if you don’t like the winds blowing. The beach is at the northeast part of the island of Andros.

Tip: The famous beach. Probably the most famous beach of Andros is the “Tis Grias To Pidima” because of the rock standing in the sea and the story that accompanies this formation. The legend has it that an old lady opened the doors of the castle of Kochylos and let the pirates in. She couldn’t though bare the shame of her action and she jumped into the sea where she became a rock.

Our overview continues with more beaches to reach up to the beach of Zorgos where the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort is located!

photo source: http://andros.gr/gr/paralies.html

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