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A walk at Aegea Blue Resort! Feeling poetic and creative!

Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort is not another series of buildings scattered in earth’s beautiful spot. It is a series of ideas that lead to the creation of a unique resort built like a captain’s village of Andros after a 10 years research. It was created with respect to the nature at the bay of Zorgos which seems untouched by time and unbelievably serene! It is a place where you can listen to the whispers of history from the pre-historic castle of Vryokastro, let alone the eternal blue of the Aegean Sea and the view to the shores of Asia Minor! In Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort, the thought becomes feeling and the holidays a day by day unique experience.


Today, we are walking through the premises of Aegea Blue Resort. We have already enjoyed a peaceful sleep in the villa or the suite. We “savoured” the images of the sea, the nature and we feel safe at the embrace of the hills. We walk through trees and flowers as we are greeting the statues of the Greek gods and heroes of ancient times. We reach as far as the swimming pool! A dive and a drink to release us from any negative, stressing thoughts! Feelings of gratefulness for the gifts of the nature and the man, for a place where the nature offers its beauty and the people created such a beautiful place to be.

We then walk by the beach. We feel the soft touch of the golden sand. We let the sea water touch us to the knees! We salute the horizon! We are thinking of a great finale to our day! We need to feel more; what on earth could be better than a great dinner? The stairs are leading us to the restaurant! Dishes made with products from Andros. Wisdom coming from centuries of gastronomic history. Tastes that fulfil your quest of a delicious dinner. Bottles of selected wines uncork! Sea breeze, feelings of fulfilment! Bite by bite you indulge into the world of the Andro’s island gastronomy.

The stars of the sky will keep you company as you are returning to your room. Love surrounds you! Feelings of healing and appreciation for life, for happiness, for all that nature and man can give you!

Life in Aegea Cycladic Blue Resort and thoughts on summer 2015!

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