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Creating the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort: Architecture & Style.

Andros Architecture

Being on one of Aegean Sea’s most beautiful spots, surrounded by nature’s masterpieces and close to some of Andros island’s most significant sights made the creation, the development and the final structure of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort a quite challenging procedure! At the same time, having a big area to build a resort in absolute harmony with the environment made the creation of the resort an once in a lifetime experience for the owners and people involved in this unique project.

Andros Architecture | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

Andros Architecture | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

Andros Architecture & The duration of the Aegea Blue. It took more than ten years of careful and detailed research by the best Greek architects to complete the final architectural plan for the construction of Aegea Blue Resort in Andros.

Andros Architecture & The design of the Aegea Blue. The main idea for the design of the resort was the establishment of a traditional ship owner’s village with uninterrupted sea views and a perfect fitting to the natural environment. Sea view is ensured from every corner where the walling makes you feel even more private and free. The gardens of the resort were created for the continuing cultivation of local herbs and vegetables that the visitors are enjoying in the restaurant of the resort.

Andros Architecture & The common areas of the Aegea Blue. Keeping in mind that when you are wandering around the paths, the squares, the viewpoints you are feeling like you are living in an authentic village of Andros the recreational areas of the swimming pool and more was made.

Andros Architecture & The suites & villas of the Aegea Blue. The suites and villas of Aegea Blue Resort in Andros is like you are living in a traditional village of the island with the addition of modern conveniences! The balconies and gardens are designed to face the sea and enjoy the view of the serene blue and the horizon.

Andros Architecture & The materials of the Aegea Blue. Local material like stones and wood were used for the formation of the gardens and decorative details found in all areas of Aegea Cycladic Resort. Trees were all kept and been taken care of whereas more plants and trees were added to create an even more relaxing and natural environment!

It was a long and challenging experience for all involved on the creation of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort but we are all happy with the result and it make us even happier when our visitors enjoy their stay all the way through and want to return back. Our only commitment is our dedication to keep going and improving everything that will make your stay memorable!


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