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An interview with Aegea Restaurant’s Chef!

Andros Cuisine

Andros cuisine | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

Andros cuisine | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

You have probably seen photos with dishes made in the kitchen of Aegea Resort in our Facebook posts! And maybe you noticed the variety of products and the careful presentation of tastes inspired by the local and the Mediterranean cuisine! But there is no one more able to tell us all about the Andros cuisine of Aegea Blue Resort. Thus we talked with him to find and share with you the secrets of the “Traditionally Fresh”, as the motto suggests, gastronomic creations that you will enjoy only here!

The chef responsible for the gastronomic well- being of Aegea Resort’s guests says that the Andros cuisine has a «modern European with strong Mediterranean elements orientation» without leaving out of our discussion (and creation) the local influences!

He talks about his favourite ingredients and mentions that he loves «the salt for the power that adds to the food, egg as it is the base for all unsurpassed desserts and butter as nothing else can achieve its texture» and introduces us to his culinary world!

From this world and more specifically from the menu chef suggests that the customers of Aegea Resort’s restaurant should try the daily special «that change daily depending on the fresh fish and meat arriving to the kitchen».

As for his inspiration, the chef can’t hide that «the beach of Zorgos, in front of the resort and the surrounding mountainous scenery» gave him the stimulation for creativity and making the dishes of the menu that bursts with flavours and imagination! And as he concludes, he clarifies that he prefers to let his «culinary creations do the talking» making us even more eager to taste and enjoy the Andros cuisine and the gastronomic delicious proposals of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort in the island of Andros.

For more details and photos about the  gastronomy follow Aegea Resort on Facebook or just visit www.aegeablue.gr/gastronomy.

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