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The island of arts & culture: Visit the museums of Andros!

Andros museums

The island of Andros owes a part of its fame and attractiveness to the fact that hosts a number of museums with particularly interesting exhibits. This is probably the only island on the Aegean Sea, and among few places in Greece, where the ancient history of a land meets great modern artists from all over the world. We gathered for you a full catalogue of Andros museums so that you know exactly where you will admire the ancient exhibits as well as a Picasso painting.

Andros Museums | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

Andros Museums | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

Archaeological Museum. Found in the centre of the Town (Chora) of Andros here you will see sculptures like the Hermes of Andros and many more that were found in various excavations across the island.  (T. +30 2282023664)

The Archaelogical Museum of Paleopolis. The ancient capital of Andros, Paleopolis, and its findings are hosted in this museum found in the homonymous village. Here you will see exhibits dating from 6th century B.C. to the 6th century A.D. (T. +30 2282041985).

Museum of Modern Art. A true gem of Andros’ cultural life, this important museum founded on 1979 by Vassilis and Eliza Goulandris, two of the greatest benefactors of the island, hosts paintings by world’s most acclaimed artists like Miro, Picasso, de Chirico and many others. The museum has been expanded in 1986 and also hosts works by Greek sculptors like M. Tompros who is from Andros, Takis, and Moralis. The yearly exhibitions of the museum are also a must visit attraction on the island. (T. +30 22820 22444)

Institution of Petros & Marika Kydonieos. Another great cultural stop in Andros’s capital. Here you will find paintings by renowned Greek painters like Takis, Tsoklis and Fasianos. A lot of theatrical, music and literature events are taking place on the foundation every summer. (T. +30 22820 24598)

Nautical Museum. The rich naval history of Andros is found in the Nautical Museum located on the Chora of Andros. (T. +30 2282022264)

Olive Museum. An olive mill has been transformed into an interesting museum where you can see the whole procedure of olive oil making in bygone eras.

Folklore Museum. An interesting stop in your cultural wanders in Andros is the Folklore and Christian Art museum in the Chora of Andros. A traditional architecture house hosts exhibits from the everyday life of Andros through the last centuries and a collection of temples and items of great value from the churches of the island. (T. +30 2282022187)

Folklore Museum of Sineti. Similar to the Chora’s Folklore Museum is the one found in Sineti. An old school now hosts the reconstruction of a traditional house of Andros along with a classroom as it was in its original form.

Kairios Library. This a library of great importance not only for the island of Andros but for the rest of Greece as it hosts up to 60.000 books, pieces, art crafts and special editions that cannot be found. Apart from the permanent exhibition there are a big number of events held throughout the year. For more details and for the detailed program of the Library’s events visit www.kaireios.gr.

source: www.andros.gr

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