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August in Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort! How to spend summer’s best month in Andros, Greece!

August in Andros

The month of August is probably the favourite month of Greeks and many people across the world. It is not only because the month of August is synonymous to holidays, it is so much more. It’s the summer’s peak and a nature’s celebration. The sea breezes bring the message across the Aegean Sea; August is a month to relax and inhale the promise of a new life and a new start as September is near! In Aegea Cycladic Resort, we have plenty of suggestions on how to embrace August’s gratitude and live a beautiful and memorable holiday experience in Andros Island and Greece. So what is August in Andros & Aegea Cycladic Blue Resort?

August in Andros | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

August in Andros | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

August in Andros is swimming. At the stunningly beautiful Zorgos beach or at the big swimming pool of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort! Enjoy the sun shining and the clear waters, play or relax and above all enjoy!

August in Andros is exploring. Whether you wish to rent a car or go hiking the routes and trials will take you to ancient sites, Venetian Towers, Byzantine churches and landmarks of everyday life in Andros that will enchanted you!

August in Andros is tasting. August is the month of grapes harvesting but in the restaurant of Aegea Blue Resort the tastes from our garden and the local produce are ready to be delicious and mouth-watering dishes to enjoy at the restaurant or at your balcony!

August in Androst is relaxing. With the concierge services and the facilities of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort and with our people’s care, relaxation and August’s wellbeing here find the perfect spot in the Aegean Sea to be fulfilled!

August in Andros is celebrating. The biggest summer’s religious celebration is in the 15th of August. Festivities and traditional celebrations are held all over the island. The people of Aegea Cycladic Blue Resort will share with you all the information!


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