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Discover the history of Andros island: Sightseeing & More.

The history of Andros island

We have already talked about the museums of Andros Island in Greece at and now it is about time to take a few more steps further and discover the landmarks and the best of sightseeing in Andros. Today’s journey includes historic monuments, monasteries and churches with interesting stories, as well as villages with beauty and tastes. Let’s start.

The history of Andros island

The history of Andros island

The history of Andros island & The Towers. We are starting with some stops to the Towers of Andros island; ancient and Venetian. The fortresses of the past are today beautiful buildings admired for their architecture and beauty. Visit the Tower of Agios Petros on the village of Ano Agios Petros that dates back to the Mycenaean era. Regarding more recently built towers, the best are found in Pyrgos beach and are the Tower of Makrotantalos, the Tower of Faneromeni in Korthi and Vryokastro in Varidi.

The history of Andros island & The Villages. With a different character, the villages of Andros are either fertile in the hinterland or picturesque in the shores of Andros Island. Tranquillity and beauty though are what you will find in the villages of Andros. Visit Stenies, the village of sea captains to see the mansions, the gardens and one of the biggest watermills in the Aegean Sea. In the village of Apatouria, the stone bridges and the greenery are where you will feel the beauty on Andros’s nature. To the village of Lamyra you will go for the waters and you will take photos of the dovecotes found around the village of Dimos.

The history of Andros island & Archaelogical Sites. Two are the main archaeological sites of Andros village in Greece and they are located in Zagora and Palaiopolis. We will return with an article for both these important sites of Andros Island.

The history of Andros island & The Churches. Like every Cycladic island, Andros has plenty of churches and monasteries both interesting and beautiful. For Byzantine-era monasteries, visit the Panachrantou and Ayios Nikolaos monasteries, whereas the church of Archangel Michael, also built in Byzantine era is found on the village of Messaria. The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi is at Kapsorahi and you can stop and feel the evocative atmosphere. Other important churches of Andros Island are the Agios Ioannis and Agios Nikolaos in the village of Korthi.

There are more like the Spring in Apikia and the Lighthouse in Gavrio villages but we want you to discover them by yourself as you are wandering in the island of Andros after you’ve been advised by the people of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort for the best sightseeing routes in Andros island, Greece!

photo source: http://sloorp.me/PkEca & http://sloorp.me/MByVl

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