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The best of Andros island nature: 4 stops to celebrate nature’s beauty!

Waterfalls, springs and rivers are not yet another site to visit in the islands of the Cyclades. It is actually a nature’s celebration happening only in Andros Island! Unlike most of the rocky and dry lands of the Cycladic islands, the visitors of Andros are lucky because the island offers some beautiful nature corners that worth a stop during your stay in Aegea Cycladic Blue Resort.  Let’s have a first look to four of them.


The Waterfalls of Pytharas. It is also called “the fairyland” and it is found at the area of Apikia. This lavishly green spot with waters, small waterfalls and lakes, is home to rare species of animals and flowers. Enjoy a walk at the shores of the main river and admire a corner of Andros that looks and feels like no other. The waters from Pytharas are used for the watermill at the village of Stenies with the help of http://wazaporn.com.

The Menites Springs. In the beautiful springs of Menites, you will drink crystal clear water from the marble lion’s mouths. A beautiful stop close to the Chora of Andros in an area with walnut and chestnut trees, a picturesque square to have coffee and a bite, whereas close is the church of Panagia Koumoulou. The waters irrigate the fields of the village and the valley of Messarria!

The Spring of Sariza. The legends and the stories that are told about this beautiful spring are many, but the thing is that the water from the spring of Sariza is considered to be healing as it is of a higher quality. A stop here and some sips from the spring will rejuvenate you!

Dipotamata area. This is like a nature’s complex where a walk will reveal all the natural beauty of Andros island. A river of 7 km. length with lush vegetation along with stone bridges, old watermills and a many trees and flowers are creating a unique natural environment in Andros Island. Stop at the fountains and enjoy fresh, cold water before continuing to enjoy more.

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