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The Villages of Andros Island: 5 Stops for your visit in Andros!

Are you ready for a trip around the villages of Andros Island? Leaving the Chora for a future article and after exploring the area of Zorgos where the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort is located and you can find all the details by clicking at www.aegeablue.gr/location, today we are giving you all the reasons for visiting the villages of Andros island both at the sea shores and the hinterland of this unique island. So, let’s go to admire the nature and the sites of the island of Andros visiting its main villages.


Batsi Village in Andros: A picturesque village by the sea renowned for the organized beach, the beautiful bay and the water sports facilities. The village of Batsi is a lively spot on the island of Andros combining tourist facilities with the unique local architecture and a traditional allure.

The distance of Batsi Village from Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort is 20 km.

Gavrio Village in Andros. Gavrio is actually the main port of Andros island. This is a village that has been transformed from a quite fishing village to a fully developed tourist destination in the island of Andros. Sandy beaches are located close to the village where the main attractions include the Tower of Agios Petros and the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.

The distance of Gavrio Village from Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort is 14 km.

Menites Village in Andros. This is a small village famous for its spring and nature. Trees, flowers are creating beautiful scenery, where Menites is the starting point for hiking to the main attractions of the island like the Paleopolis for the archaeological site and the village of Lamyra to see the sophisticated mansions. Close to Menites is the village of Mesathouri with its stunning views and the lovely nature to walk and feel the sensations that Andros has to offer.

The distance of Menites Village from Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort is 30 km via Gavrio and Batsi villages.

Korthi Village in Andros: Located on the southern part of Andros Island the village of Korthi has plenty of proposals for cafes, restaurants along with beautiful beaches. On your way to Korthi and the surrounding villages, you will see dovecotes, old churches and windmills. The area features also three beautiful beaches, the famous Tis Grias to Pidima among them. When you are visiting Korthi, do not miss a stop to the villages of Kochilou to see the Castles and the village of Sineti for the amazing views.

The distance of Korthi Village from Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort is 35 km via Gavrio and Batsi villages.

Stenies Village in Andros. The village of Stenies in Andros Island is one of the most beautiful villages on the island. Keeping its authentic and traditional character and architecture, built in the slope of the mountain here you will enjoy the true colours of Andros along with the Tower of Bisti- Mouvela which is one of the main attractions in the village.

The distance of Stenies Village from Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort is 40 km.

Hope you enjoyed our little trip around the villages of the island of Andros. Of course there is more to find out and we will be more than happy to share with you all the information about discovering these precious little pieces on the island of Andros. Just ask the people of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort for more information!

photo source: http://sloorp.me/0Bl5f

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