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Island Hopping I: Starting from Andros sail to the best nearby islands.

Island Hopping from Andros

Island hopping seems to be the new trend in the Aegean Sea. Travellers from all around the world love to discover more, searching for more experiences, living for more thrills! In the first part of Aegea Blue Resort’s article for island hopping we suggest three nearby islands that have a straight boat connection with the island of Andros. Discover Tinos, Mykonos and Syros and find out why you should visit those islands along with details about the travelling to these top Greek islands.

Island Hopping from Andros

Island Hopping from Andros

Island Hopping from Andros to Tinos

Why visit Tinos: Tinos is a famous religious destination for all Orthodox Christians. The impressive church built on the port of the island will welcome you but in Tinos there are much more to search for. The island of Tinos has some uniquely beautiful villages to visit and discover their nature. In Tinos also you will enjoy some tastes found nowhere else in the Aegean Sea like the cheese, the small tomato, the sausages, the Tinos artichoke and the traditional desserts. The beaches of Tinos are yet another reason to visit the closest to Andros island.

Traveling Details from Andros to Tinos: You can reach the port of Tinos after an one hour and a half trip with a high speed vessel!

Island Hopping from Andros to Mykonos

Why visit Mykonos: You are probably aware of what Mykonos is all about and you are not mistaken if you think that in Mykonos you will enjoy long, golden sandy beaches, crazy nightlife and visits to fancy restaurants. For the tranquillity seekers, Mykonos has also lovely unorganized beaches, the village of Ano Mera and other sights including the sacred island of Delos.

Travelling Details from Andros to Mykonos: It will take less than two hours and a half to wave back to the beautiful windmills found right on the top of the picturesque Chora of Mykonos.

Island Hopping from  Andros to  Syros

Why visit Syros: The capital of the Cyclades is Syros. The Ermoupolis is an island city with buildings of beautiful architecture and a unique aura. Classy and sophisticated the island of Syros has plenty of sights to learn more about the history of the Aegean Sea, when in your bag as you are leaving the island should be definitely the delicious chalvadopites of Syros.

Travelling Details from Andros to Syros: After three hours in a high speed vessel, you will be closer to take the first photos outside the stunning Town Hall of Syros. Note that the connection from Andros to Syros is not daily available.

photo source: http://andros.gr/gr/periigisi/periigisi-sto-nisi.html

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