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The traditional products of Andros island by Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort!

The island of Andros has a series of traditional products made for centuries in the very same way! Today we thought of nibbling on some of them. The cheese, the sweets and the drinks made only in Andros that can be found and tasted in the restaurant of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort or you can buy them and take these unique flavours with you! So, with the help of a spoon, fork or a knife get ready to taste:


The Kopanisti cheese. After a complicated procedure, the spread cheese called kopanisti has a full and spicy taste that is great to taste as an appetizer with freshly made bread and tomatoes along with a glass of wine or ouzo.

The Petroti cheese. A salt free cheese that is better to taste freshly made from goats or cow’s milk.

The Volakia cheese. This is the salted version of petroti cheese. The volakia have the shape of small balls and can be tasted plain or as an appetizer.

The Kalathoti cheese. The difference between kalathoti and volakia cheese is the shape, as the kalathoti is aged in a basket.

The honey of Andros. Light and delicious, the honey of Andros is used to make the pasteli, a sweet made with sesame and honey. You can taste the honey of Andros at the breakfast buffet of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort.

The Sinetiano wine. The traditional wine of Andros made with sun dried grapes is bursting with flavour.

The drink Pontzi. If you are looking for more drinks then the strong Pontzi made with raki, honey and berries is a refreshing drink that is better to taste cold.

The sweets. Besides the amygdalota and the kaltsounia that we described in a previous article, it is worth tasting the pastelaries sweet. It is a sweet made with dried figs, walnuts, cinnamon and sesame.

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