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From El. Venizelos Athens airport:

You can go by car transfer to Rafina Port in approx. 15 min.

From Rafina port to Andros (Gavrio port) in 2 hours

14 Km sign-posted by car.

We can arrange transportation, car rental or helicopter flight from airport to Aegea resort.

From Mykonos airport:

You can go by car transfer to Mykonos new Port in approx. 15 min.

From Mykonos port to Andros (Gavrio port) in 2 hours

14 Km sign-posted by car.

We can arrange transportation, car rental or helicopter flight from Mykonos to Aegea resort.


AEGEA-ZORGOS bay is situated on the North-East coastline of Andros in the foothills of the pre-historic castle of Vryokastro and close to the pro-Cycladic settlement at neighboring Microgiali Bay. Facing AEGEA across the Aegean Sea is Ephessus in Minor Asia.

AEGEA occupies the delta of the local river, which receives water from the mountains of North Andros, and sustains a unique biotope and reserve. The orientation of the land protects AEGEA from North winds and offers a very pleasant microclimate. The area was recently characterized by the Hellenic Republic as one of “extreme natural beauty and strict preservation”and this further ensures its preservation. Last year AEGEA ZORGOS beach, with its turquoise crystal waters and expansive sandy beach, was voted one of the top 4 best beaches in Greece.


Andros is the home of many famous ship-owner families and is the closest Cycladic island to Athens International airport and the port of Rafina, being a short ferry ride of less than two hours from the mainland. In ancient times it was named Hydroussa because of its abundant fresh water springs, and was the place where the ancient god Dionysos was worshipped and water was turned into wine.

Andros is an island of extreme natural beauty, most of which is unexploited, and boasts numerous sandy beaches, safe turquoise seas, historical monuments that record her rich cultural heritage throughout the centuries and a traditional unspoiled architecture. It also embraces a flourishing temporary culture and is home to three internationally renowned modern art museums, which are famous for their annual exhibitions of art collections by Greek artists and Great Masters such as Picasso, Miro, Klee and Moore.

Visitors intermingle with locals to relax and enjoy the rich traditional Andriotic food, fish and wine in traditional tavernas, ouzo and coffee shops that are found in every corner of the island. Also, in recent years the island has witnessed an exponential growth in sea-sport activities, particularly wind-surfing in the Southern port of Korthi and the North-Eastern beach of Agios Petros, and the island is proud to be home to several Olympic class athletes. All round, Andros ensures unique, unforgettable holidays for visitors of all ages and interest.

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