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More about the gastronomy of Andros: Sweet and sour tastes from the Recipes & Products

The need to discover more tastes from the island of Andros is what moved us to write another article about the gastronomy of Andros island and take us a dish further from island’s most famous taste; the froutalia. At the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort, we believe that for the best gastronomic experience in a destination, the products and the tastes are what will make your visit complete and memorable. Let’s have a bite now from Andros Island’s traditional dishes!


Traditional Recipes from Andros island!

We have already talked about the most famous traditional dish of Andros Island.; the rich omelette called froutalia made with local eggs, sausages and potatoes that bursts with flavour. The dish prepared and served at Easter in Andros Island is called Labriatis and it is a goat stuffed with eggs, cheese, rice with local herbs such as mint, parsley and rosemary slowly cooked in wood oven. A feast for all senses for the meat lovers! In Andros island the gastronomic chapter proposing pies is also important. In Andros you can taste many pies, like the one made with pasta!

The traditional desserts of Andros island!

The traditional dessert in Andros Island is Kaltsounia. Kaltsounia are famous across the Cycladic islands, but in Andros are richer in taste and shape, as walnuts, almonds, honey and the rose water are used to prepare this sweet temptation. The sweet preserves in Andros Island are also unique as they are prepared with materials like lemon blossoms, bitter orange and bergamot.

Tip: Do not be surprised if you hear the people of Andros Island referring to mille-feuille, nougat and other international desserts as local and traditional of the island. The captains, sailors and travellers were returning to Andros island bringing with them sweets from their trips and destinations, thus today’s Andriots have a long tradition in preparing serving and enjoying these desserts.

More tastes from the gastronomic heritage of Andros island can be tasted in Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort’s restaurant by clicking on www.aegeablue.gr/gastronomy.

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