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More Hiking routes in Andros from Zorgos Bay and other starting points!

Hiking in Andros!

Experienced or amateur hikers meet lovers of nature to explore the paths of the island of Andros. The 85 klm of signed routes of Andros the island’s show the beauty in every step! Wear your hiking shoes, take your hat and water and start walking next to pristine beaches, mountains with stunning views, monasteries and sights and most importantly take a step deeper into Andros’s real scenery and everyday life.

Hiking in Andros

Hiking in Andros

For the paths starting from the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort in Zorgos Bay leading to Aphrodite’s Baths (40 minutes each way), Twin Holes (same time as for Aphrodite’s Baths), the made by the people of Aegea Resort path to the pristine Microgiali bay (60 minutes each way) and the Old water mills path (60 minutes each way) you can find all the details at www.aegeablue.gr/activities. Today we will take you a step further to other footpaths of Anros.

Hiking in Andros. Let’s walk from the Chora of Andros to the village of Menites and back. This is an easy to walk path which lasts approximately 4 hours and goes through the villages of Ypsilou and Lamyra.

From the village of Menites, you can go on for another 4 hours to reach the cave Foros in a beautiful route passing through Messaria and you can stop at the Monastery of Panachrantou to catch your breath.

From this Monastery another path of 8 klm leads to Agia Triada and the village of Zagora in approximately 3 hours.

Another interesting hiking route starts from the village built in the highest point of Andros, the village of Vourkoti. The path will take you through the valley of Achla, continues next to the river and reaches up to the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos, where you can stop and rest! The path though ends at the Achla beach for swimming and relaxation. As for the duration is about 4 hours.

We kept for the final suggested route a long one but with many intriguing things to see and admire. The path starting from the village of Aprovato goes through mountain slopes, old houses, waterfalls, the village of Pitrofos and the Olive Oil Museum of Andros. It lasts approximately 4 hours!

Of course there are more. As we mentioned, there are 85 klm for hiking in Andros that could not be covered with an article but with hikers willing to discover and indulge into Andros’s sea and hinterland beauty! Just ask the people of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort for more details!

photo source: www.andros.gr/gr/drastiriotites/pezoporia.html

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