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Q&A: How to reach the island of Andros


One of the first things all travellers are worried about, is when and how to reach their holiday destination. Worry no more as the island of Andros and the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort are easily accessible thanks to the proximity of Andros to Athens and the other nearby islands.

I am travelling by air to Athens!

Let’s say that you are flying to Athens International Airport from your country. Ships departing from the nearby port of Rafina which is located just a 20 minutes drive from the airport. A taxi service or a transfer arranged by the people of Aegea Blue Resort will bring you in approximately 10 minutes to the port of Rafina.

Which is the best way to travel to Andros?

There are two different types of boats sailing from Rafina to Andros; the high speed vessels will bring you to Andros airport in less than 2 hours, whereas the slower types of vessels need approximately 2 hours and a half.

You are in Andros. How do I find Aegea Blue Resort?

All transportation boats are docking at the port of Andros called Gavrio. Follow the road leading to north part of the island passing from the villages of Fellos, Kalivari and Varidi before reaching the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort. The route lasts roughly 15 to 20 minutes.

Are there any more islands to visit?

Andros is at the top of the island complex of the Cyclades and has a frequent connection with the nearby islands of Tinos, Mykonos, Kea, Kythnos and more. The people of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort will be happy to share all the information if you are interested in island hopping.

Tip: We can arrange your transfers and ticket reservations by simply asking our manager to do so. Plus we can take care of any car rental needs you have and arrange a helicopter transfer so that you can travel quicker to your destination, Andros island and the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort.

Visit also www.aegeablue.gr/location for more details!

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