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Island Hopping I: Starting from Andros sail to the best nearby islands.

Island Hopping from Andros Island hopping seems to be the new trend in the Aegean Sea. Travellers from all around the world love to discover more, searching for more experiences, living for more thrills! In the first part of Aegea Blue Resort’s article for island hopping we suggest three nearby islands that have a straight […]

More Hiking routes in Andros from Zorgos Bay and other starting points!

Hiking in Andros! Experienced or amateur hikers meet lovers of nature to explore the paths of the island of Andros. The 85 klm of signed routes of Andros the island’s show the beauty in every step! Wear your hiking shoes, take your hat and water and start walking next to pristine beaches, mountains with stunning […]

The Top 5 Activities in Andros island: A complete Guide by Aegea Blue Resort!

Andros Activities! Holidays are relaxing but visiting an island is much more. Among the first questions raising when visiting a destination are what to do, where to go, what not to miss and which are the top activities to do to come even closer to secrets and the beauty of your destination. In today’s blog […]

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