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Discover the history of Andros island: Sightseeing & More.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015 by selective@57

Discover the history of Andros island: Sightseeing & More.

The history of Andros island We have already talked about the museums of Andros Island in Greece at and now it is about time to take a few more steps further and discover the landmarks and the best of sightseeing in Andros. Today’s journey includes historic monuments, monasteries and churches with interesting stories, as well […]

The History of Andros: A detailed look to the history that created Andros!

History of Andros! History of Andros. The island of Andros has a long history and a presence to all major phases of the Greek history. The name of the island derives, according to the mythology to the first habitant of the island who is said to be the Andrieus, son of the God Dionysous!  The […]

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