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The 4 elements of Nature and Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort in Andros island!

Aegea Blue Cycladic Resorts seems being emerged from the nature of Andros Island! Harmony, the Greek word is αρμονία, can describe the birth and the evolution of this unique resort. The mother- nature that made us all, was the inspiration for the creation of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort! And then there is man; the finest of all creatures that is capable of miracles. Capable of love and sharing! Today we are examining each element of nature and the way that it inspired the making of and living in Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort!


Fire. The idea for the creation of Aegea Blue Resort is “fire”. Without spoiling a single inch of the Zorgos bay, we made stone by stone and tree by tree a paradise for the few. The people with fire in their hearts who are ready to live a holiday experience like no other!

Wind. Wind is the Aegean Sea’s soul. Whereas in other places the rain can “wash away” any unpleasant thought and feeling, the breeze of the Aegean Sea is the element that “cleans” and refreshes both your mind and your soul. This is what you will feel touching you once standing in the private verandas and patios of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort.

Earth. Andros Island is the land of captains, artists, everyday people that know how to survive and how to live in harmony with life’s adventures; either they are taking place on the soil or at the far away oceans. The land of Zorgos bay is the hidden gem, the point of return for the visitors who search for beauty and self-completion!

Water. Water is the oxygen of the Aegean islands, of the pieces of earth called Cyclades. The water is what “paints” the nature of Andros and the Zorgos bay in all the shades of green! The water is what gives the colour tone to your stay in Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort; the sea water has a transparent colour but blue is what will travel you all around the world and make you feel the ultimate beauty of the Aegean Sea!

This is the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort in the island of Andros!

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