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“Traditionally Fresh”: Inside the cuisine of Aegea Blue Resort!

Before entering the door of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort’s restaurant, we are reading on the website that “tradition and purity are the basic aspects of our gastronomic philosophy” and we are now ready to discover how these principles are becoming delicious dishes, mouth-watering desserts and a complete gastronomic experience in Andros Island.


The ingredients: The Aegea Blue Resort’s gardens along with local fishermen and farmers are the sources for the daily collection of the best products to prepare the delicacies for the breakfast and the menu of our restaurants.

The inspiration: The area of Zorgos, the natural environment, the peaceful hill and the serene beach where Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort is built at, along with all nature’s gifts, are what inspire our chef who blends in his dishes the tastes and the power of the land and the sea of Andros Island.

The tastes: Inspired by the local cuisine, we add touches of Greek and Mediterranean tastes and we stay focused on the cuisine of the Cyclades. Thus, in our restaurant, you can enjoy dishes like the traditional fava, the fresh fish cooked in the oven or grilled and meat dishes that fulfil all your senses with their flavours. Vegetarians also find delicacies made with fresh vegetables like the salads with the creative combinations of tastes and products from the island’s land!

Tip: In our restaurant you will enjoy some old recipes that were almost lost and you will indulge into the real gastronomic gems of Andros.

The setting: It is impossible to just taste the menu proposal of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort’s without enjoying the views to the sea and the surrounding peaceful nature of Zorgos Bay.

The aftertaste: The gastronomic experience in Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort could not be and feel complete without a scrumptious dessert and a glass of wine or your favourite cocktail. So, choose from the wine list the bottle of local or international wine label that will accompany perfectly your meal.

We leave the rest to your senses. We invite you to taste and feel the gastronomic bliss that can be enjoyed at the Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort restaurant and find more details at http://sloorp.me/VQQon.

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