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The First Summer Days at Aegea Blue Resort: Feel the real Cycladic Ambiance!


As the weather gets warmer, the Greek islands, Andros being among them, are getting ready to welcome the first guests of the season. May is definitely a month which combines the nature’s rebirth with the high- almost summery- temperatures making your holidays a beautiful and special experience.

As we are breathing the first breezes coming from the Aegean Sea enriched with the aromas of the flowers, the herbs and the trees, we are taking our first walk to the premises of Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort.

The resort is the reconstruction of a ship owner’s traditional village of Andros. Pebbled pathways, squares, art touches, trees and flowers are all around. After relaxing at your villa, take your favourite book and relax at your veranda or the swimming pool area. There are also different spaces where you can enjoy your favourite activities.

The days and nights at Aegea Blue Resort are not the same without the tastes prepared at the bar and the restaurant of the resort.

This is Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort in Andros Island. Choose between the 24 luxurious and independent villas the one that will become your home for your holidays in Andros.

Enjoy the view at the bay of Aegea-Zorgos and feel that you are passing your holidays on a piece of land in the Aegean that it feels like it was made only for you and your beloved ones! Visit our blog post to find out more details about the facilities, the services, the villas and the island of Andros as there much more to come.

Meanwhile, visit our website at www.aegeablue.gr for more bookings and details.

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