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The History of Andros: A detailed look to the history that created Andros!

History of Andros!

History of Andros | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

History of Andros | Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort

History of Andros. The island of Andros has a long history and a presence to all major phases of the Greek history. The name of the island derives, according to the mythology to the first habitant of the island who is said to be the Andrieus, son of the God Dionysous!  The findings in the area Strofilia witness that the island was inhabited from the Neolithic period whereas at the 7th century B.C. the city of Palaiopolis becomes the first capital of the island and a flourished centre for commercial across the Aegean and the Mediterranea.

Due to the proximity of Andros to Athens and the island of Evia, its history is strongly connected with this city. Andros took part to the Peloponissian War fighting at the beginning for Athens and then for the Spartans. The Roman and Byzantine periods find Andros following the route of history of the rest of Aegean’s island when, during the Ottoman occupancy, Andros was part of the Duchy of Archipelago before becoming part of the Ottoman Empire.

Andros played a crucial part during the Greek Revolution of 1821 contributing with ships and men to many naval battles.  Theofilos Kairis, one of the main intellectuals of that era, wrote important books that influenced and inspired the creation of the New Greek State.

However, Andros’ great evolution came at the 19th and the 20th century with the creation of a vast fleet and the wealth that came to the island because of the extensive trade routes that the ships of Andros and the captains had created. At this period, Andros also developed relationships with many European countries creating a cultural profile that is remaining strong until today.

Andros, nowadays, combines the beauty of all eras. Archaeological sites, remains of Byzantine fortification, like at the neighbouring to Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort area of Vryokastro and of course captain’s mansions to remind to the visitors the rich history and the beauty of this unique island.

photo source: http://sloorp.me/Y1dA5

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